The DWH Story

In the early 1970s, most of Oregon’s Willamette Valley was dedicated to growing grass seed and hops. Fewer than twenty people recognized the valley for its ideal climate and soil for growing wine grapes. Doyle Hinman was one. Although he began making small lots of wine in the early years of the decade, his first commercial wines appeared in the late 1970s when Doyle founded Hinman Vineyards.

Doyle sold Hinman Vineyards to a private investor in 1992, but the Hinman wine journey of devotion and commitment was well underway years before that. Today it embraces all five members of the Hinman family, who source, sell, package, and distribute Oregon wines worldwide.


Doyle plants five acres of wine grapes on property near Eugene, Oregon. While tending the crops, he commutes to a wine curriculum at the University of California at Davis and receives his Masters of Science degree from the University of Oregon.


Doyle meets and befriends Professor Helmut Becker from the Geishenheim Wine Institute in Germany. Professor Becker extends an invitation to a winemaking and viticulture course of study in the Rhine region of Germany with a focus on riesling.


Ground breaking ceremonies are held at the new Hinman Vineyards Winery. A year later the first Hinman Vineyards vintage is released – riesling, gewurztraminer, and pinot noir and Doyle is elected President of the South Willamette Chapter of the Oregon Winegrowers Association.


Doyle expands the winery to accommodate an unexpected growth in wine sales. Governor Victor G. Atiyeh appoints Doyle to the Oregon Wine Advisory Board of Directors for a nine-year term.


Hinman Vineyards becomes the first winery in Oregon to export bulk pinot noir (to Sweden).


Doyle expands the winery’s capacity to over 100,000 gallons and doubles the size of the building, including an iconic clock tower and beautiful picturesque amphitheater. Hinman in the ’80s was one of the largest wineries in the state and still exists today.


Doyle receives the Outstanding Service Award from the Oregon Wine Industry Wine Advisory Board.


Retired from the toil of ownership, Doyle accepts a position with Southern Oregon Winery as Director of Sales for domestic and export wine. Five years later he is appointed to the Founders Council of the Oregon Wine Board.


Doyle is appointed to membership of the Specialty Crop Advisory Board for the Oregon Department of Agriculture.


The Hinman family establishes the Five H wine brand with national and international distribution.


Doyle remains a member of the Oregon Wine Board Domestic and International Marketing Committee. The family continues to develop its own label Five H as well as developing its private label offerings for select clients throughout the US and China.