DW Hinman Cellars

Your Label

Over 45 years of Northwest wine region experience has developed great relationships for sourcing finished “bulk wine.” Pinot Noir from Oregon is our most requested wine type, but with Oregon’s other wine offerings and the state of Washington’s varied grape choices, we can acquire most anything our clients are looking for. There are over 1000 wineries in each Oregon and Washington.  This allows us many offerings to satisfy exactly what our valued clients demand.

STEP 1 — Varietal Selections/Start the Process

We will provide you with samples of any requested wine varietals and appellations with close attention to price points. Upon your final decision, and deposit we will assist you at all levels of the process, with finished case good ready for pick up at our Eugene, Oregon cellars.

We work with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that defines the details of our procedures from start to finish. It includes deposit details to commence the project, and quotes a final inclusive per case price ready for pick up. We always welcome your questions and clarifications with this document.

STEP 2 – Label Design & Procedure

This portion of the project is, entirely, in the hands of our client.  We are eager to assist in developing a design to meet our client specification, or we can use the client’s already existing label designs. We are obliged by the TTB (Tobacco Tax Bureau) to submit for final label approval. This is a legal process that DWHC will submit on your behalf, and guide the process to final label approval.

STEP 3 – Bottling & Final Shipment

Our modern and efficient bottling line will deliver you the finished wine packaged exactly to your specifications. Either cork finish or screw top can be supplied. The packaged wine will need to be picked up from our cellars, for the clients’ warehousing, within 10 days of final packaging.